Drake Tells Fans That He's Got New Music Coming

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Drake's still out here working.

Ask and you shall receive - that seems to be the policy that Drake has with his fans when they inquire about any new music he's got coming down the pipeline.

During a recent show in Auckland, New Zealand, Drake took a brief pause from his concert's set list to address the many rumblings that he may or may not have some new material that will be ready to share with the world sooner rather than later. "I landed at the airport here," he remarked, "there was this kid working there, and the first thing he said to me was, 'Hey man, great to have you here. You know, when are you dropping some new s**t man?'" As the crowd rejoiced at the mere idea of Drizzy dropping some brand-new track(s), the rapper continued with his story. "I'm always working for you," he told those in attendance. "I'm never sitting around, wasting my time, so I've got s**t coming for you, don't worry." Check out the full video clip below.

The show was part of an extension of his very popular Boy Meets World tour, which is currently in Australia after spending some time in New Zealand. While Drake's fan base is a totally global one, there's no doubt that his supporters from down under will be particularly excited for his upcoming shows, with the added possibility that he could launch into an unreleased song or two while he's on stage. Of course, there's nothing more to go on right now other than Drizzy's word alone, but with his prolific release pace in recent years, giving consumers both Views and More Life just months apart, the likelihood that the Canadian icon will continue to stand pat on any new material seems low.

What sort of sound should Drake be pursuing with any new music? Which artists would you like to see him enlist as a feature on an upcoming track or album. Share your thoughts in the comments section.


Drake Tells Fans That He's Got New Music Coming
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