Fans Brawl At Nicki Minaj Rolling Loud Set, Rumors That It Involved Bardi Gang Emerge

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Opening Night of Nicki Minaj Presents: Pink Friday 2 World Tour - Oakland, California
OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 01: (Exclusive Coverage) Nicki Minaj performs during the opening night of her Pink Friday 2 World Tour at Oakland Arena on March 01, 2024 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Live Nation)
Fights are pretty common at Minaj's shows. But is there more to this one?

The Rolling Loud set of Nicki Minaj was derailed slightly as several brawls broke out amongst the audience. Several videos of the various fights quickly spread on social media. However, this was then quickly conflated with an unsubstantiated report that the fight was a result of Barbz jumping Cardi B fans, known colloquially as the Bardigang. Despite this, there are no reports to confirm that this actually the case.

Nicki was performing at Rolling Loud as part of her Pink Friday 2 tour. The tour runs until July 14, when Minaj will close out with a performance at the Les Ardentes Festival in Belgium. This includes Minaj headlining Wireless Fest in London, a performance she is very excited about. "Instead of doing another arena show in London after we sold out in the first week, I opted to do Wireless Festival. This year's show will be a billion times more special, creative, beautiful, cohesive, ugh! I'm so excited. I'd like to tell you guys thank you in advance. Last year was so meaningful but won't compare. Just wait & see," Minaj wrote on Instagram.

Nicki Minaj Laughs Off Allegations She's Broke

Meanwhile, Minaj has dismissed any notion that she's struggling financially. "Imagine being this dumb 😩😂. They SOOOOOO mad that they had to eat ALL their words about this tour. 🤪 They tried EVERYTHING to prevent this magic & even blatantly lied everywhere hoping it would deter ppl from coming. If y’all only knew. Bwahahahahahaaa," Minaj wrote on X. The rapper was responding to resurgent claims that her Pink Friday 2 tour was not profitable and was only being done to cover her debts.

However, randos on social media are not the only people who have had to eat crow over the tour. DJ Akademiks' plan to prove Minaj was "washed" backfired when the controversial social media creator discovered live on stream that the rapper's Pink Friday 2 tour was genuinely sold out. Akademiks, a longtime critic of Minaj, had jumped online to "prove" that the claims of Minaj's tour sales were overblown. However, try as he might, he was unable to any of her tour dates that had more than a few tickets still available. Minaj continues her tour tonight (March 10) with a show in Seattle.


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