Kai Cenat And Druski Accused Of Colorism For Comments About Fellow Stream Guest

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Gentleman's Supper Club
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - FEBRUARY 16: Druski and Kai Cenat attend the Gentleman's Supper Club during NBA All-Star Weekend on February 16, 2024 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Bobby Metelus/Getty Images)
Druski and Cenat laughed about a woman having "manly features".

Kai Cenat and Druski are facing allegations of colorism after Druski said that a woman also appearing on Cenat's stream had "manly" features. While a number of online commenters were confused how the remarks were colorist when they didn't mention her skin, the answer is quite simple. Druski's comments fed into the longstanding sentiment that Black women are less visually feminine than their non-Black counterparts. Another term used to describe this attitude towards Black women is misogynoir. However, the backlash has been met with just as vocal support.

Neither Cenat nor Druski have addressed the controversy. Meanwhile, many people have leapt to the pair's defense. "They literally said nothing about her skin tone. Y’all had adopted this “IG baddie” aesthetic that is also very similar to the T girls, & not all men like it. & I’m not debating with anybody. 😘," one person argued. Several other commenters would proceed to make incredibly transphobic comments to defend that Druski was simply expressing his "preference". These comments included stating Druski was "making she was not a trans" and other vile comments about the trans community. Where do you stand on the issue? Let us know in the comments.

Ice Spice Congratulates Kai Cenat On Streaming Award, Fans Eye Their Flirty Vibes

Meanwhile, is there something between Kai Cenat and Ice Spice? Fans are unsure what to think after seeing an exchange on social media. "congrats kaiiiii >.<," Spice wrote, responding to news that Cenat had once again won "streamer of the year". "Appreciate You Gorgeous ❤️," Cenat wrote in response, sparking speculation amongst fans that something might be going on between the pair. Others noted that Cenat responded to Spice within a minute of her posting her message to him.

Spice has previously appeared on Cenat's stream and went as far as to send him a Christmas present last year. However, Cenat's affections are rather fickle. At separate points in 2023, he was shooting his shot with both GloRilla and SZA. It remains to be seen if the messages are just flirty banter between friends or subtle signs of a new power couple. What do you think is going on here? Let us know in the comments. We'll keep an eye on this story and provide any updates if they emerge.


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