Donnell Rawlings Joins Shannon Sharpe Trend But Ultimately Defends Hall Of Famer

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Rawlings thought the viral trend was funny, but had an idea what had caused it.

Donnell Rawlings has become the latest figure to join the Shannon Sharpe mockery train. The comedian delivered a perfect impression of Sharpe's voice, as well as copying his now viral awkward walk, while speaking with TMZ. However, Rawlings ultimately spoke in defense of the Hall of Fame tight end. Rawlings noted that while it was funny, Sharpe likely still feels the effects of his long playing career in the NFL. Sharpe played for 13 years and appeared in over 200 games while recording nearly 11,000 receiving yards.

Sharpe has become a viral figure after awkwardly exiting an SUV earlier this week during a promotion for his cognac brand. Additional mockery came from Sharpe's tight-fitting green outfit and bright orange satchel bag. As mentioned, the "Shannon Sharpe Walk" became a viral trend on TikTok especially. How do you feel about the trend? Let us know in the comments.

Antonio Brown Continues Trolling Shannon Sharpe With Bizarre Pop Culture Reference

Another person who joined in on the trend of mocking Sharpe was Antonio Brown. In his latest post against the Hall of Famer turned pundit, Brown tried to compare Sharpe to "Rex", the T-Rex character from Toy Story. "Just can't unseen it" Brown wrote alongside an image of Sharpe wearing a similar satchel bag to Rex. Previously, Brown had called Sharpe gay and alleged he was on steroids. It's unclear why exactly Brown hates Sharpe in particular but the disdain is fierce.

While some Twitter users found the post hilarious, others were less enthused. Some saw the post as either not funny or simply just reaching. Meanwhile, a more vocal group hit back at Brown for going after the largely beloved Sharpe. Many commenters told Brown not to go after "Unc" like that, referencing Sharpe's prominent fandom nickname. All of this was done under Brown's CTESPN banner. How do you feel about Brown's posts? Let us know in the comments.


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