Shannon Sharpe Flexes Shredded Physique From The 80s, Says He's "Always Been Poppin"

UNC has been UNC since college.

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Denver Broncos - File Photos -1997

Shannon Sharpe shared a throwback picture of his 20-year-old self to prove that his recent muscular physique is nothing new. "When they say UNC just started poppin. That’s a lie. UNC been poppin since the 80s. Here’s proof of young 20 yr old Nephew. 😜😜🤪🤪 #ТВT #SSUQRANGECRUSH #BEENHIM #IMSTILLHIM," Sharpe wrote on social media.

"20-year-old nephew" dates the photo to 1988, Sharpe's penultimate season at Savannah State. In 1990, he would become an unheralded seventh-round pick by the Broncos. However, the rest is history. Sharpe would become one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history and one of the greatest Broncos of all time. He ended his career with three Super Bowl rings and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2011.

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Shannon Sharpe Delivers Subpar Electric Slide

While Sharpe might be in great shape, it appears that dance is not his forte. In July 2023, a video shared by The Neighborhood Talk appeared to show Sharpe at a cookout. In particular, the video showed Sharpe joining in a group dancing the electric slide. The only problem is that Sharpe puts little effort into the moves and just sort of vibes around at the back of the group. While it is true that Sharpe got a hip replacement, that was in early 2022. The resulting comments meant that ribs weren't the only thing being grilled.

"He aint never been around so many black women since he was 18," one person noted. "Lmao he dance like a middle aged white man," another astutely pointed out. "He used to them football drills this a different type of steppin😂," argued a third. However, some argued that Sharpe wasn't the only person disrepecting the dance. "Oh no. Is it a simulation? Is it AI? Because I ain’t never seen so many off beat black folks doing a slide in my life 😩." Furthermore, some argued that Sharpe's tendency to date white women couldn't even be used an excuse. "Can’t even blame the white women because them folks love a good line dance too."

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