Bhad Bhabie Keeps Her Cool During Restaurant Brawl: Watch

Bhad Bhabie has come a long way since her "catch me outside" days.

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Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - October 11, 2022

Bhad Bhabie and her partner Le Vaughn are currently expecting their first child together, Kali Love. Amid the exciting pregnancy, the 20-year-old has been forced to fend off critics, who often accuse her of being unfit or unprepared for motherhood. Known for her viral appearance on Dr. Phil, OnlyFans success, and rap career, Bhad Bhabie is insistent that she's got everything under control, and wants haters to stop making assumptions through a screen.

Luckily for the mom-to-be, she demonstrated an impressive amount of self-control over the weekend, which goes to show how she's evolved over the years. She and her man were enjoying a meal at West Hollywood restaurant Toca Madera on Saturday evening when a brawl broke out. Bhad Bhabie, despite reportedly being at the center of the debacle, kept her cool the entire time.

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Bhad Bhabie Walks Out Of Restaurant During Fight


Sources tell TMZ that she and Le Vaughn were arguing at their table, and allegedly, she slapped him. They claim that one of the personality's friends saw an onlooker filming the incident, which resulted in the fight. In a clip from the incident, two women are seen throwing hands and hurling insults at one another. Fellow diners simply looked on in shock. Bhad Bhabie, as well as Le Vaughn, stayed back throughout the incident before eventually calmly walking out of the restaurant. It's unclear what prompted the spat between her and Le Vaughn. Based on recent social media activity, however, they appear to be back on good terms.

Clearly, Bhad Bhabie has come a long way since her "catch me outside" days, and supporters think she has her little one to thank. What do you think of Bhad Bhabie being involved in a fight at a West Hollywood restaurant over the weekend? Are you surprised? What about her keeping her cool amid the entire debacle? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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