Blueface's Mom To Meet With "Voodoo Queen" In Attempts To Help Her Son

Karlissa Saffold is getting creative.

BYCaroline Fisher
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It's no secret that it's been a rough year for Blueface so far. The rapper went to jail in January, for one, where it appears he'll remain until at least well into the summer. Of course, this also follows his rumored split from the mother of his first two children, Jaidyn Alexis. Luckily, while the "Barbie" performer doesn't seem interested in him anymore, there's one person who's returned to his side, Chrisean Rock. She recently debuted a massive tattoo of his mugshot on her face, making it clear that she's hoping they'll reunite for good.

Another person who's stood by her son throughout all of his scandals is his mother, Karlissa Saffold. While she may not always approve of his controversial antics and relationships, she usually has his back regardless. Recently, she even took to Instagram Live to share a unique way she's planning to help her son out.

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Karlissa Saffold Plans To "Get The Voodoo Off" Blueface

In a new clip, Saffold explains that she's looking to meet a "Voodoo queen," who she believes can help her "get the Voodoo off" of Blueface. According to her, this will all take place on her podcast. She also notes that she'll be bringing her "Christian sister" on too, in order to "counteract" the Voodoo. Overall, it's a creative plan, but fans aren't entirely convinced that it'll be effective.

"Aint no voodoo on her son... its called karma...," one commenter claims. "I don’t think it’s voodoo. I think it’s accountability for his actions catching up to him ma'am," another writes. Either way, it should be interesting to watch the situation play out. What do you think of Karlissa Saffold claiming that she plans to meet with someone to "get the Voodoo off" of her son, Blueface? Do you think it'll be effective? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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