Keefe D's Nephew Bragged About Murdering 2Pac, Retired Cop Alleges

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According to Robert Ladd, informants gave authorities Orlando Anderson's name within days of 2Pac's shooting.

Last year, an arrest was finally made in connection to 2Pac's murder, and Keefe D was put behind bars. The alleged gang member is accused of having been the "shot-caller" of the infamous 1996 Vegas drive-by. The man long believed to have pulled the trigger, his nephew Orlando Anderson, was never charged in connection to the crime and later died in 1998.

During a recent interview with a former member of the Compton PD Gang Unit, Robert Ladd, he recalled the days after the shooting. According to him, informants gave authorities both Keefe D and Anderson's names in no time. Allegedly, Anderson had also returned to Compton after the shooting to boast about the crime. "Within the next few days, we start getting calls from informants. Our first ones were saying, 'Hey, it's Keefe D. Orlando [Anderson] was a shooter.' They're telling us that Bubble Up and Big Dre were in the car. This is days after informants telling us, and it's not just us. Other people had informants too," he recalls.

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Robert Ladd Recalls Days After 2Pac's Shooting

Ladd also explains that in the days after the shooting, there was a lack of communication between the Compton PD and the Las Vegas PD, out of fear of information leaking. As a result, Compton PD wasn't notified that they should have been looking out for a white Cadillac, and the car returning to Compton was missed.

"Days have gone by now, and all we're saying is, 'Come on man, we know the white Cadillac is coming back to the hood. If we knew there was a white Cadillac we would've been looking for it," he also adds. "I mean, in that type of aspect, maybe we could have caught him or even, uh, you know, found the Cadillac." What do you think of retired cop Robert Ladd alleging that Orlando Anderson boasted about killing 2Pac? Are you surprised? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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