Drake Was Suprised When Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Showed Up At His Birthday Party

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Sony Pictures Television Hosts "Breaking Bad" Statues Unveiling Featuring Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul
ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO - JULY 29: Actor Aaron Paul (L) and actor Bryan Cranston look on during an unveiling ceremony of bronze statues depicting television characters Walter White, played by Cranston, and Jesse Pinkman, played by Paul, from the series "Breaking Bad" at the Albuquerque Convention Center on July 29, 2022 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The statues were commissioned in 2019 by Sony Pictures Television and were sculpted by artist Trevor Grove and cast by Burbank, California-based American Fine Arts Foundry. (Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images)
Bryan Cranston recently detailed how he and Aaron Paul came to bartend Drake's birthday party.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s appearance at Drake's birthday party, last year, was a complete surprise to the Toronto rapper. Cranston explained how the two stars of Breaking Bad found themselves serving drinks at Drake's birthday celebration during a recent appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

“Did Drake just call you and say, ‘Would you bartend on my birthday?'” Colbert asked. “Well, no,” replied Cranston. “He called the catering company, and because it was the strike, I needed a gig. I was bartending just to pick up a few bucks, you know. It was really fun because he didn’t know we were gonna be there. We’re in Miami and we were behind the bar and Drake is thinking, let’s see, what should I order? And I said, 'can I get something for you, sir?' And he goes, 'yeah, I’d like… Oh!'"

Drake Poses With Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

Drake also posed with Cranston and Paul for a picture he ended up posting on his Instagram page. "Pinkman, Walter White, and Walter Light…RIP to Mike but when it’s comes to records we breaking bad for sure…" he captioned the photo. "I’ll be back with more fuckery and responses to all your love. I’m getting fried tonight though…love you all dearly thank you for awarding me this honour to be a familiar voice in your lives." Check out Cranston's appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert below.

Bryan Cranston Reflects On Drake's Birthday Party

In the years since starring in Breaking Bad together Cranston and Paul have continued working alongside one another off-screen. They share a Mezcal brand named Dos Hombres. They co-founded it back in 2019 and have promoted it together at numerous events since. Be on the lookout for further updates on Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul as well as Drake on HotNewHipHop.


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