Gucci Mane’s wife-to-be, Keyshia Ka’oir, fell in love with him when she was giving him a bath. Keyshia is a beauty and wellness entrepreneur who owns her own fitness and cosmetic line. The couple came to be when Gucci was incarcerated in 2010, but he still had access to magazines, more specifically the XXL magazine where Keyshia was “Eye Candy of the Year.” Gucci recognized her from Timbaland’s “Say Something” video which lead him to call his manager and ask to have Keyshia be in his next video – once he was a free man. She obliged, and the two met on the set of Gucci’s “911 Emergency” video shoot, and the rest is now history. 

The shoot led to Keyshia going on tour with her new man, where she went all in for the rapper.

“I went on tour with Gucci in 2010 — that is when it really started to get serious. I fell in love with Gucci when I bathed him … I put him in a shower and just bathed him. I just did things to him and he looked at me and said, ‘Wow, no one has ever bathed me before,’” she told Page Six. “I am a traditional Jamaican lady, that is what you do. You take care of your man,” she explained.

Gucci and Keyshia will be getting married on October 17th at the Four Seasons in Miami, the big day will have a special premiere on BET that boasts 200 people on the guest list as well a reported $1M budget.

“I have a security team … and I have a dress code as well. All the women have to wear a gown, as if you are getting married. And the men have to wear white suits. Even my camera crew has to wear white. If you don’t come dressed accordingly you have to leave, and I am so serious. If you come wearing something else then you were not invited,” she said.


Gucci Mane's Fiancée Fell In Love With Him When She Bathed Him