Ethan Slater & Ariana Grande Relationship Timeline

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Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater sparked controversy when they began dating while still married to other people.

Things between Ariana Grande and her rumored boyfriend Ethan Slater have continued to heat up recently, with each of the Wicked stars allegedly leaving their respective spouses to be with one another. The relationship, which was first confirmed by the couple in the Summer of 2023, sparked a great deal of discourse in the pop culture sphere. For anyone out of the loop over the last few months, here's a comprehensive timeline of the couples' messy, ongoing saga.

December 2022: The Pair Meet On The Set Of Wicked

Ariana Grande joined the cast of Wicked as early as November 2021. The film faced substantial production delays in the last several years, though it is now on track to premiere in theaters in November. Ethan Slater added his name to the cast in December 2022, marking the first meeting between the Hollywood power couple. Slater rose to fame by portraying SpongeBob Squarepants in a series of live Broadway performances before landing his role in Wicked.

March 2023: The Pair Are Seen At An Oscars Party Together

In March of 2023, a photograph surfaced showing Grande and Slater seated together at Michelle Yeoh's Oscar party. Despite neither confirming a romantic relationship nor being single at the time, the photograph fueled widespread speculation, hinting at a potential connection beyond their professional collaboration.

July 2023: Ariana Grande Leaves Her Husband & Announces New Relationship

Many of Ariana Grande's past flings included mega-stars such as Mac Miller, Big Sean, and Pete Davidson, though it seemed like the pop star was finally ready to settle down when she married real-estate broker Dalton Gomez in 2021. Per insider sources, Ariana Grande officially separated from her husband of two years in July of 2023, leaving her free to pursue a public relationship with Slater.

Just days after leaving her husband, Grande confirmed that she and Slater had begun seeing each other romantically. This sparked controversy for Slater, as the 31-year-old actor had just welcomed a child with his wife several months earlier. While no official confirmation has been provided, many fans believe that the pair had been secretly seeing each other long before they decided to leave their respective spouses.

Less than a week after their relationship went public, Slater followed in Ariana Grande's footsteps by leaving his spouse, Lilly Jay. Jay broke her silence on the topic shortly thereafter, expressing that her only concern was continuing to raise her child in peace. This situation began to cause a significant fallout for both Wicked stars, as fans began to bash them on social media with derogatory labels like "homewrecker." In response to the viral mud-slinging, the pair avoided the spotlight.

September 25, 2023: Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater Re-emerge In Public

Slater and Grande were spotted together at a Disney Park in September after laying low for a few months to let the heat cool off. This marked the couple's first official sighting, leading some social media users to change their tune about the pair's messy origins.

December 2023: The Pair Are Seen In A New York City Restaurant

Since the news surrounding the couple has died down, they have kept their relationship low-key and out of the public eye. Days before Christmas, just hours before Slater took the stage to perform in the play Spamalot, people spotted the couple sharing a meal at an Italian restaurant. In addition, the couple has been actively supporting each other in the crowds at their shows, indicating a sense of balance within their relationship. Despite the tumultuous early days of their partnership, it seems clear that the couple is on a good path now.

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