Lil Nas X's "J Christ" Receives Church Of Satan's Stamp Of Approval

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Magister David Harris calls Lil Nas X's new music video "fantastic."

Lil Nas X may not have won over Christians with his new single "J Christ," but it looks like he at least got a stamp of approval from the Church of Satan. Amid the onslaught of backlash the hitmaker has received for his new religious era, TMZ chatted with the leader of the organization, magister David Harris. According to him, the track and its accompanying music video are nothing short of "fantastic."

Harris also says that despite Lil Nas X comparing himself to Jesus in the song, his trajectory lines up pretty well with the church's belief in "lesser" magic, or influence on others. He also clarified a few misconceptions about the Church of Satan, claiming that instead of actually worshipping the devil, it encourages its members to simply be themselves.

Lil Nas X Wins Over Satanists With New Single

While magister David Harris appears to be a fan, many others have made their disapproval known following the release. Conservatives have accused the performer of mocking Christianity, disrespecting God, and of course, being a Satanist. Obviously, this latest development probably won't help with the accusations. Lil Nas X insists they're not true, however, firing back on Twitter last week.

"I've crossed satan up and broke his ankles, snapped his neck and literally killed him, made a song referencing the return of jesus, and somehow yall still think im a satanist," the artist responded to a user accusing him of being a Satanist. "I can not win lmaooo." Regardless, it doesn't look like he's letting the backlash get him down, and says that he currently has an entire gospel album in the works. What do you think of the Church of Satan showing love to Lil Nas X's new single? What about the backlash he's been receiving as of late? Are you a fan of the track? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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