Asian Doll Addresses Jada Kingdom's Body-Selling Accusations

"How are you saying that when I don't even know you like that?" Asian Doll wonders.

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Asian Doll isn't one to shy away from speaking her truth, particularly when her reputation is being put through the wringer. The Dallas-born femcee has been wrapped up in some pretty messy Twitter beef with Jada Kingdom over the past few days, after jumping into the songstress' feud with Stefflon Don. She accused the Jamaican performer of sleeping with her "gay brother on the floor in a crack house" earlier this week, which expectedly prompted quite the response.

Kingdom later accused Asian Doll of accepting money for sexual favors, which she vehemently denies. In a new clip, she fires back, claiming that she wasn't raised to partake in that kind of behavior. Instead, she says she simply "demands" what she wants. "I have never laid on my back and got f*cked for no money," she begins. "When you're a gangster-a** b*tch and your mother raised you the way she was supposed to raise you, you're going to walk into any room with your head high and you're gonna demand sh*t."

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Asian Doll Denies Jada Kingdom's Claims

"That's what I do, I demand everything," she continues. "I don't suck d*ck or f*ck nobody because I have to just to get something. I f*ck n****s that I love." Asian Doll went on, insisting that she doesn't have to sell her body in order to get the things she wants. "This is America, h*e. We do this, we don't gotta f*ck n****s to get nothing. N****s want to give it to us. What are you talking about?"

Later in the clip, Asian Doll notes how Kingdom isn't even in her area, so she'd have no idea what she's up to. "How are you saying that when I don't even know you like that?" she also wonders. What do you think of Asian Doll's response to being accused of accepting money for sexual favors? What about her ongoing beef with Jada Kingdom? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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