Gilbert Arenas Gives 50 Cent His Flowers

Areans called 50 Cent one of the few "stand up" people in Hollywood.

BYBen Mock
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Gilbert Arenas has given high praise to 50 Cent, especially in regard to his Hollywood endeavors. “There’s only a few stand-up n-ggas in [Hollywood] — like 50 Cent. Because 50 Cent was famous first and now he’s in Hollywood. He already has his power so he don’t have to do nothing. And if you really wanna make it in Hollywood now, you would rather try to get in 50 Cent movies. Because he didn’t — nothing happened to him for him to do it to other people. There’s only a few windows you can go down without getting your buns blown out or your throat jabbered with," Arenas said.

Fif recently expanded his film-making enterprise with a new studio. Earlier in December, the media mogul received permission to take ownership of a large film studio property in Louisiana. Furthermore, Fif got a great deal on the property. He only has to take $2400 a year for the next 30 years. “All Roads lead to Shreveport if you ready to work in film and television. G-unit studios Is officially in Louisiana. BOOM GLG GREENLIGHTGANG,” Fif wrote on Instagram.

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Gilbert Arenas Defends Zion Williamson

Arenas' musing about Fif is much tamer compared to some of the other arguments that the former NBA star has made this year. Back in June, Arenas made some wild claims while defending Zion Williamson amid his drama with Moriah Mills. “Ja Morant in the strip club paying $50,000. Zion has in-house entertainment from his girl. You can’t get no better than that. He at home watching TV and he like, ‘Babe! Babe! Come on,'” Arenas argued. While we do not endorse asking professionals to work for free, it's a fantastic response. But Gilberts was also far from done.

He continued. “All the NBA players laughing at the man, when you go to the strip club spending hundreds of thousands and he has it all in the crib. ‘Hey, babe, shake it for daddy real quick.’ Why didn’t I think of that? Hey, ladies, if you all stripping, you all see I got ones on deck. Come on to the crib. I don’t have to leave the house.”

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