NBA YoungBoy Blames Himself For Being Seen As "Uncivilized"

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Lil Wayne's Lil WeezyAna Fest
NEW ORLEANS, LA - AUGUST 25: NBA YoungBoy performs during Lil WeezyAna at Champions Square on August 25, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)
YB said it's his own fault that he's never been given a "fair shot."

NBA YoungBoy has said that he believes he is not being marketed correctly and still carries a public perception of being "uncivilized". However, he has also noted that he blames himself for that perception. Despite this, Gillie argued that people love YoungBoy because of his authenticity.

However, fans online weren't entirely convinced that YoungBoy doesn't get a "fair shot". "Bruh maybe because you diss and cross everyone that tried to help and work with you?" one person noted. "One thing about being famous once you’re in you’re in. The whole world will know you and that’s the scary part. Power of the mind is not a joke and the energy that comes from fans / social media is powerful. Yb looks like his soul is gone and if there’s any left he’s tired asf from having to stay in that character i’m sure," philosophized another.

NBA YoungBoy Calls His Wife His "Property"

A lot has been made of YB's time in house arrest. But back in November, he raised some eyebrows amongst his fans. In an Instagram post, YB posed with a woman who he referred to as his "wife", amongst other things. "My real day 1, y’all be dying to see my wife huh? Nah she too exclusive #mypropertyonly 💕," the rapper wrote as a caption. This led to a wave of speculation across social media. "He must got a bunch of sister house in that house," one person remarked on Reddit. Furthermore, fans questioned if the woman in the photos was Dej Rosegold, a previous flame of YB from a few years back.

Furthermore, in another post, YB was seen calling his bank and asking for $1 million to be wired to his wife's account. After he hangs up, YB proceeds to vibe out to some music with a joint. Despite recent claims that house arrest was affecting his mental health, YB appears to be having a pretty great time right now.


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