Travis Scott may be one of the younger rappers in the game, but the man knows what he’s doing to keep his brand afloat. He recently signed Smokepurrp to his Cactus Jack Records, he plans on turning his stage into an amusement park while on tour, is working on a project with Quavo that is set to drop soon and is even throwing a huge Halloween party in New York. 

All of this combined, the 25-year-old still has time to chat about what he’s most passionate about, that being fashion. La Flame is set to drop a collaboration with Australian fashion label Ksubi that will see a worldwide release on October 12th. In the meantime, Travis chatted with Hypebeast in a video interview that sees him answering questions on his design method and his style icons – who happen to be Ryan Gosling and Shia LaBeouf.

When asked how his personal style has changed over the years, Travis says the first thing that has changed is his ability to get more clothes. An obvious bonus that comes with being one of the most talked about rappers. 

“You mature in like different ways, it’s like taste level and things, some things you just don’t want to do anymore or wear anymore. You know, you outgrow,” he says in the video. For the inspiration for his merchandise, Travis explains how his current thought process is the birth of any creative endeavour that’s brought to life. 

“It’s like this cartoon that goes on in my head all the time,” he says. “It’s like Pixar man, I be just trying to design…like the highest level or whatever mood I’m in, I just try to trust that mood or whatever time zone we in – cater to that too.”

Travis and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner are reportedly expecting a baby, but nothing has yet to be officially confirmed. We reported a story where the couple were rumoured to have spent nearly $70K on the baby already. No other family members of Kylie have come forward with a definite yes and both Travis and Kylie are keeping a tight lip on the situation. 

Travis Scott

Travis Scott Calls Ryan Gosling & Shia LaBeouf His Fashion Icons