For the past month, we've been receiving tidbits of information from Migos about upcoming music. While they're gearing up for the Quality Control compilation record, they've also hinted at Culture 2. So far there's no confirmation on when that project will arrive but Quavo recently previewed a snippet of some new music. It's unsure where it'll land but there's been speculation that it might be on the long awaited collaborative project with Quavo and Travis Scott. The two of them have been hinting at the projects arrival but there's yet to be any date for it's release. However, Quavo recently debuted a remix of Travis Scott's summer anthem.

At a recent Migos show, DJ Durel spun a remix of "Butterfly Effect" with an additional verse from Quavo. As you could expect, the crowd went bizzerk. In the video, you could see the Migos mouthing the words but Offset seems to really be vibing with it. The audio quality isn't the best but it's enough to get a sense of what Quavo added to the mix.

"Young nigga, who are you/ Must be bulletproof/ this shit bigger than you, this shit bigger than you/ VIP my squad, drop off all the gang/ VIP lane, VIP chain" Quavo's heard rapping on the track. 

While the remix has yet to be released, hopefully fans start pressing them to drop it. With the anticipation for Quavo and Scott's upcoming project, hopefully this is a sign that it's near completion. For the time being, it's at least something to hold us over until the two of them get the whole project in order. From the snippet, it sounds like Quavo took the track and put a breath of new life into it. However, it also sounds like DJ Durel cut the song short so there's likely more to it than just that. 

Aside from this, Quavo recently said in an interview that both he and Travis Scott currently have 20 songs recorded for their project. Apparently, the only issue they're having at this point is getting time to sort through them all. 

Check the snippet of Quavo's "Butterfly Effect" remix: