It’s safe to say Smokepurpp is having himself quite the day. At midnight, the South Florida rapper released his highly anticipated debut project Deadstar, featuring guest appearances from Chief Keef, Lil Pump, Yo Gotti, and more. Unfortunately though, “surprise guest” Travis Scott was nowhere to be found as we were informed. On Thursday, an interview with DJ Whoo Kid surfaced online and in it Purpp said that Travis Scott was going to be featured on a song with Mike Dean, but that didn’t happen exactly as planned.

About an hour after the album dropped, Purpp decided to upload the Travis Scott song, titled “Fingers Blue” onto his soundcloud page separately from the his album, along with another song called “Phantom.” The reason for this is unknown at this time, but in the description of the song you might notice the hashtag #CactusJack. While one might just think they’re simply referencing Travis Scott, which they could be, but it also turns out that Smokepurpp happens to be the newest member signed to Cactus Jacks Records.

Early Friday morning, footage surfaced online of Travis & Smokepurpp face timing one another over their phones and talking about the new deal. XXL broke the story, and Purpp later confirmed it by retweeting their tweet.

“Bruh you wanna know whats funny too? From the first day ... I told him bro I wanna end up at Cactus Jack,” Purpp says to Travis, who then said “pick up that chain nigga.” “when can I pick it up bro?” “Cactus jack shit!” Purpp continues on with in excitement. The chain he’s referring to is one of the nine Cactus Jack chains that Travis copped last week from jewel Elliott Avianne for a cool $500K. See pics of the chains here if you missed it the other night.

While neither artist have publicly made an announcement or statement on the signing, it definitely appears to be all set in stone based on the excitement from both artists in this clip. Check it out (below) and be sure to revisit Deadstar and their newly-released collab “Fingers Blue” if you haven't don't so already. (Included below is our latest interview feature with Purpp, where he teaches us about the “GodButt” weed strain in our latest “How To Roll Backwoods” segment.)