Halloween bout' to hit another level this year, at least in The Bronx.

Travis Scott shared a unique surprise that he will be throwing a grand Halloween party with Kanye West collaborator and designer, Virgil Abloh (Kanye brought Virgil on his team to be an adviser and creative director for when he launched his YEEZY line.)

The flyer, that's show below, says it will be taking place at the "NY Expo Center" on October 28th that's located at 1108 Oakpoint Ave.


As perfectly noted, "anything can happen at the night show" and you gotta be curious as to who else will be making an appearance at this blow out.

The "Butterfly Effect" rapper has had his name in a number of headlines lately (no need in mentioning the pregnancy rumours between him and Kylie Jenner) but some of the most notable would have to be how he's set to make a feature on Smokepurpp's upcoming project Deadstar, with Yo Gotti and Chief Keef also jumping on.

Also noted is his recent splurge on chains - $500,000 to be exact for 9 dangling pieces that included a "Flame Boy" 80-carat chain for himself and eight other Cactus Jack chains for his crew. The expensive jaw-droppers were made in celebration for him and Quavo's upcoming album that we can't wait to get a listen for. 

Peep one of the chains below with the caption from the jeweler, Elliot Avianne, saying, "Every time I Make Another One It's Another One."


Travis also got us buggin' about his AstroWorld tour that's set to double as an amusement park, more specifically it will be based off a park he use to visit as a kid in Texas.

We reported the news at the top of the week where the rapper said, "I don't know why it hasn't been done already – I think people just don't do shit. Who makes stages these days that are cool?"

Cop a ticket to the Halloween party here if you in the city.