Andrew Tate "Misses America" According to New Tweet

Tate left America in 2017 to relocate to Romania.

BYBen Mock

Andrew Tate "misses America", according to a new tweet from the influencer. Tate hasn't lived in the States since 2017, when he and his brother relocated to Romania. Tate has long stated that he made the move due to the much more lenient enforcement of laws in the Eastern European nation. However, that did not stop Romanian officials from throwing the book at the Tate brothers over alleged rape and human trafficking.

It's not the first blunt, four-word tweet that Tate has spontaneously made in recent weeks. Tate simply wrote "I am a Billionaire" on X on November 23. It's a bold claim from a man who was recently valued at a net worth of around £10 million. That figure came from the Romanian officials who evaluated Tate's assets as part of his ongoing trial for rape, human trafficking, and organized crime. The lavish lifestyle portrayed by Tate over the years appears to be almost entirely fabricated. Even Tate's own lawyers admitted that the former kickboxing world champion "plays a character online".

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Andrew Tate Claims He & Elon Musk Refused Millions To Sell Their Souls

Elsewhere, on November 30, Tate cryptically claimed that he and Elon Musk turned down multi-million dollar payments to sell out. "I turned down 50m to sell my soul. All I had to do was shut up on certain subjects and sell trash to kids. I refused. Then I was arrested. Elon turned down 500m plus. Not many hero’s left. G," Tate cryptically wrote on X, formerly Twitter. Tate did not specify who had offered the money or what he would have to stop speaking on to receive it. As a result, the post reads like a generic "deep state" conspiracy tweet. Later in the day, Tate reposted a post about the "new world order" from 2013.

Furthermore, people pointed out several hypocrisies. First, people noted that Tate is currently beefing with Musk because Musk seemingly ignored his offer to "advertise X on X" for $1M a month. Additionally, people noted that Musk had "sold out" in recent weeks. Musk went from a fierce advocate of Palestine to posting pro-Israel content and even touring Israel with government officials.

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