50 Cent Is My Brother, Son Of Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff Claims

G-Unit had, and arguably still has, a long-standing feud with McGriff's Supreme Team.

BYBen Mock
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The son of convicted drug dealer Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff says he has a "gut feeling" that 50 Cent is his brother. “[50] act like him, he look like him, he walk like him, he talk like [him] — everything," Kenneth Jr recently told the Let's Get To That podcast. Furthermore, he suggested that he and Fif's son, whom he is friends with, should take a DNA test. "That’s a question that the world wants to know [the answer to]," Kenneth Jr concluded.

The theory that Supreme is Fif's father is a long-standing one. This is in spite of the fact that many people believe Supreme to be the one behind Fif's 2000 shooting. Neither Supreme nor Fif have ever acknowledged the theory, for good reason. It appears that the beef between The Supreme Team and G-Unit is alive and well. Just last month, Fat Joe warned Fif's fans about hanging out with Kenneth Jr and other members of the organization.

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50 Cent Takes Aim At New Claims In Power Lawsuit

Meanwhile, Fif has been busy handling some of his outstanding legal issues. The G-Unit Mogul has requested the dismissal of assault charges claimed by Corey "Ghost" Holland. Fif has said that the former drug dealer "waited too long" to add the assault allegations to his already existing $1 billion lawsuit against the G-Unit mogul. “Plaintiff’s claim that he suffered from severe emotional distress is undermined by the allegations that Plaintiff owns a weapon and he and his family repeatedly tried to confront Jackson,” Fif's legal team noted in court filings. "The allegation that Jackson ‘actually came to plaintiff home and neighborhood’ and ‘pull[ed] up to plaintiff home’ does not constitute a claim for assault," Fif's motion added.

Holland is suing Fif for $1 billion. The former drug dealer claimed that Fif is using his life story as inspiration for the Power series without permission. The additional assault claims have added an additional $300 mill to the suit. Holland has alleged that Fif has tried to intimidate him into retracting his lawsuit. “The alleged conduct—Jackson ‘came to plaintiff home and neighborhood’—took place over a year before this Action was commenced. Around late July or early August 2021, Plaintiff can’t remember exactly your honor, but defendant Jackson decided to come to plaintiff neighborhood, not once, but twice. This claim is thus untimely. The assault claim should therefore be dismissed for failure to state a claim. Because the First Amended Complaint is devoid of any allegations to support such a claim against Jackson," Fif's motion states.

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