LeBron James Blasts NFL For Suspending Photographer Involved In Tyreek Hill Celebration

LeBron told the NFL that "sh*t ain't that serious."

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Los Angeles Lakers v Philadelphia 76ers

LeBron James has come to the defense of a photographer who was suspended by the NFL for participating in a Tyreek Hill celebration earlier this season. Kevin Fitzgibbons, a friend of Hill's, had his NFL credentials revoked after Hill used his phone as part of a celebration against the Panthers. "Man, this is F'd UP!!! Suspended for the year and possibly for good!! C'mon NFL! Do better! Sh-t ain't that serious," LeBron wrote on Instagram.

Hill was penalized by the NFL for "using a prop" in his celebration. Meanwhile, as reported, Fitzgibbons had his credentials revoked for the rest of the season. The 20-year-old Fitzgibbons posted a mea culpa on TikTok this week, saying he understood and respected the NFL's decision. Furthermore, he expressed hope that he would be allowed back on the sideline next season. Meanwhile, Hill simply wrote "I would comment, but I would get fined" on his X page.

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LeBron Sings Jalen Hurts' Praises

However, someone that LeBron did have positive things to say about was Eagles QB Jalen Hurts. “And it’s all love and respect right back to you Young [King]!!!” LeBron wrote in response to Hurts speaking at length about how much he admits the veteran Laker. Hurts addressed his admiration for LeBron after attending Lakers-Sixers earlier this week. “Just thought it’d be cool to go see him, and obviously I had the opportunity to meet him. I wanted him to shake my dad’s hand, too. That’s a guy that my dad has watched, being an older guy, watched him grow into the monumental figure he is now. It’s just all love and respect for him," Hurts said at the Eagles media availability on Wednesday.

According to Hurts, the game earlier in the week was actually his first time watching LeBron in person. On the plus side, Hurts got to watch LeBron set the new NBA benchmark for career minutes played. However, Hurts was also in attendance for the worst loss of LeBron's career, as the Lakers suffered a 44-point loss to the Sixers. LeBron had a team-high 18 points. Despite that, the Sixers drilled 22 threes. Furthermore, Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey combined for 61 points. By comparison, the five Lakers starters combined for 65.

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