Chrisean Rock's Tooth Lost Again, K Suave Gets Handsy After Blueface Reunion

Chrisean Rock appears to have had a good time with her rumored new man.

BYCaroline Fisher
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Earlier this week, fans were shocked to see Chrisean Rock link up with the father of her child, Blueface. The two of them have had their fair share of problems in recent weeks, but luckily, they were able to put them aside. They celebrated Thanksgiving together alongside their son Chrisean Jr., revealing that they might not be on such bad terms after all. It seems as though not all is lost between the former Cr*zy In Love stars, as Chrisean recently shared her feelings on the rapper during a live stream.

According to her, they're going through similar struggles, and if he wants to get back on "the same page," he just has to let her know. While some fans are hoping that the two of them reunite, others are insistent that they keep their distance from each other, as their relationship has usually spelled trouble in the past. Luckily for those fans, it appears as though Chrisean has her sights set on a new man these days, K Suave.

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Chrisean Rock & K Sauve

In a new clip, the mother of one seems to have brought him along to a family event. Everyone looked to be in good spirits, and K Suave and Chrisean seemed to be getting pretty hands-on. Fans are glad to see the performer happy following a rough couple of weeks, regardless of who it's with.

Not everything is looking up for Chrisean recently, however. She recently revealed that she lost her infamous fake front tooth once again. "I go pick another tooth up today I be Losing my sh*t I wish dat b*tch had a air tag shout out to Dr. Trevv," she tweeted earlier today.

Chrisean Rock's Tooth Missing

What do you think of Chrisean continuing to lose her tooth? Do you think an AirTag would be helpful? How do you feel about her rumored romance with K Suave? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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