Slim Thug Questions DJ Vlad's Nationality In Explosive New Rant

He's the latest of many rappers to take issue with Vlad.

BYLavender Alexandria
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DJ Vlad is a controversial figure among rap fans for many reasons. He's one of the most opinionated voices in rap and isn't shy about expressing it. That can sometimes get him into trouble like it did earlier this week when he shared his perspective on the new Andre 3000 album. “For everyone saying how ‘genius,’ ‘brave,’ and ‘creative’ Andre 3000’s new flute album is, the biggest song on the album has 17,000 streams. The last song has less than 2,000 streams. In comparison, Outkast still gets 20 million listeners a month. So yeah, the numbers speak for themselves," he remarked seemingly missing the point of the new album entirely.

He's also repeatedly faced cultural appropriation allegations for his role in the world of hip hop. Earlier this year Tyreese took shots at him for leaching off black culture. “Haven’t you used BLACK PEOPLE ENOUGH??? What’s the dudes name who talks off camera who owns VLAD TV?? Can y’all pull his tax returns????????,”Tyreese said in an Instagram post back in June. Now, DJ Vlad is once again dealing with accusations of profiting off of black culture.

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Slim Thug Goes Off On DJ Vlad

In an explosive, profanity laced new rant, Slim Thug also took aim at Vlad. “How the f*ck is a n*gga named Vlad talkin’ ’bout a Black man in here? What he got goin’ on? Y’all just bop on anything. Y’all lettin’ a n*gga named Vlad tell y’all something. White people reportin’ this news to y’all. All kind of weirdos tellin’ you this sh*t. Stop the cap, man. This me, though. This my news station. And if they keep playin’ with me, I’ma start talkin’ ’bout them motherf*ckers. They better leave me alone," Thug said.

But his issues with Vlad also extend to his name itself. "“Vlad Escobar. What the f*ck is Vlad? What name is that? Where is that from? What nationality is that? Cuz I don’t know how it’s a Vlad tellin’ Black people news […] How’s we cool with this? German is German. Is we lettin’ a German get all this money off us?” he concluded. What do you think of Slim Thug's points about DJ Vlad? Do you agree with his accusations that Vlad is culturally appropriating? Let us know in the comment section below.

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