Is Tristan Thompson A Sociopath? Kourtney Kardashian Grills NBA Star

Kourtney pulled no punches in the latest round of her sitdown with the Cavs player.

BYBen Mock
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Kourtney Kardashian resumed her offensive against Tristan Thompson on the latest episode of The Kardashians. “I see these TikTok videos and there’s these people and they’re like, ‘I am a sociopath narcissist. I have no empathy, no feelings.’ Do you think there’s any part of you that relates to that?” Kardashian asked Thompson. Thompson attempted to deflect, focusing his response on Khloé. “You should definitely feel the way you feel, 100%, because if it was my sister, I’d feel the same way. I think for me, you know, I want Khloé to be happy and whatever that may be, I’m fully supportive of that," Thompson replied.

However, Kourtney remained unconvinced. “Yeah, like if the actions don’t match the words, it’s hard to believe the person with the actions,” she shot back at Thompson. Furthermore, Kourtney took aim at not just Thompson, but also her family at large. “In this family, you guys are so lucky — all the guys — because for whatever reason, it’s held a higher priority of, ‘Let’s keep everyone happy and getting along, and let’s make sure Tristan is at Christmas Eve and everyone’s there, and it’s one big happy family and let’s make sure everything’s fun and happy'. For some reason, that takes a priority in this family over setting a boundary or having someone’s back or having someone’s side," Kourtney lamented.

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Kourtney Continues To Hold Thompson Accountable

Much of Kourtney's screentime on the current season of the show has been about standing up to Thompson. There is certainly a spectrum of acceptance towards Thompson amongst the family. Furthermore, Kourtney definitely slots in at its lowest end. “Tristan and I really have not connected and I just can’t fake it," Kourtney told Kylie Jenner ahead of the now multi-episode sitdown with Thompson.

The confrontation was preceded by Kourtney laying bare her feelings about the Cavaliers role player. "I told her the first day of school, I was so triggered by him. And I know why, but I feel like we all brush it off and are fine, and then I was just so triggered. I was like, ‘I just can’t do it anymore'," Kourtney said of a conversation with her daughter Penelope. However, Kourtney, who has grown more distant from the core family in recent years, does appear to be a minority dissenter. This season of the show has also seen Kim wax poetical about how conflicted she is about the awful things Thompson did to her sister but also the kindness he shows the family and how good he is with the KarJen children.

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