Ice Spice Gives A Tattoo To A Fan, Creating A Lasting Memory

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The tattoo reads, "Ice was here."

Ice Spice recently left a permanent mark on one of her most dedicated fans. The fan, who goes by @crybabyhunter on TikTok, now proudly sports a tattoo on his wrist that reads, "Ice was here." Ice Spice, a trailblazing force in the rap scene, has gained recognition for her dance moves and her music alike. In fact, she has been one of the biggest stars in hip-hop over the past year. With a growing global fanbase, the artist also snagged a "best new artist" nomination at the Grammys this year, in addition to three other nods.

However, fans are wanting to be part of this history. The lucky fan had stirred up a slew of comments via social media. "Bro just got tagged like a cow, n**ga just sold his soul," one person said. "Guess whos gon be single forever," another wrote. "Imagine telling your mama ice was here.. and she's not," said someone else. Ultimately, the ink is now etched into his skin. Further solidifying a permanent memory of Spice giving him a tattoo.

Ice Spice Gives A Tattoo

The choice of the phrase, "Ice was here," reflects the artist's desire to leave a lasting impression on both his art and his audience. The fan, now a walking canvas of Ice Spice's creativity, sees the tattoo as a badge of honor and a connection to the artist's elusive persona. As the fan proudly displays his new ink, the art world is left wondering what other surprises Ice Spice has in store.

Meanwhile, Ice is probably somewhere celebrating her four Grammy noms. Or the fact that she recently hit 10 million followers on IG. Regardless, she's had a big year and has a lot to celebrate. What do you think of the tattoo? Would you let Ice Spice give you a tattoo or nah? Is there any celebrity you would let give you a tattoo? Let us know on HNHH!

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