Jaidyn Alexis Whips Up Lackluster Meal For Blueface

Some fans think Jaidyn should stick to rapping.

BYCaroline Fisher
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Recently, Blueface took to social media to show off a meal prepared for him by his wife-to-be, Jaidyn Alexis. Sitting before him in the clip is a paper plate full of pasta, complete with a few partially-melted Kraft singles strewn about on top. The mother of two topped the feast off with a side salad. While countless social media users are ragging on Jaidyn's lackluster cooking skills, others believe that he's gotten what he deserves. Especially considering the way his relationship's been going as of late.

"The noodle don't even look done," one Instagram commenter writes. Another says they simply, "could’ve went to Olive Garden." Obviously, the MILF Music star is a busy gal these days, juggling her budding rap career and recent engagement on top of caring for two little ones. With that being said, fans can't blame her for being strapped for time and whipping up something simple for her family, particularly amid some newly-surfaced cheating rumors making their way around the internet.

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Jaidyn Alexis Chefs It Up

Recently, Blueface's ex Chrisean Rock went live on Instagram, and fans quickly noticed something suspicious in the background. A green jacket, strikingly similar to one worn by Blueface during his recent show with Jaidyn, is seen hanging up behind the new mother. It remains unclear whether or not the jacket is actually his. It certainly doesn't help, however, that Chrisean told fans they've continued to hook up in recent weeks, despite his proposal to Jaidyn.

Regardless, Blueface continues to flaunt his first baby mama on social media, recently dubbing her a "super star." They joined forces for a performance at Santa Fe College during 310babii’s set this week, and as expected, fans went wild for her viral single, "Barbie." What do you think of the meal Jaidyn Alexis whipped up for Blueface? Would you give it a taste? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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