Lil B is looking to help residents of Florida affected by Hurricane Irma in the way he knows best. As he did with victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, the Based God is offering a free verse service to the musicians affected by the storm. “Florida I got y’all back music and and artist effected by natural disasters are getting free Lil B verses like all Texas artist,” he wrote on Twitter Friday.

Judging by the rapper’s retweets, some Florida artists have already reached out for a 16 from the Based God. “Lil b I live in Miami and I had to evacuate bless me with a VERSE!” wrote one user.

According to CNN, upwards of 5.6 million people have been ordered to evacuate due to storm risks. “If you have been ordered to evacuate, leave now — not tonight, not in an hour, now,” Governor Rick Scott advised. The hurricane has already done significant damage prior to hitting U.S. soil, hitting Cuba’s Ciego de Avila province on the Camaguey Archipelago Friday and leaving over 24 people dead in the Caribbean.

While Lil B’s offer can’t stop a natural disaster, it could potentially provide a break for an artist in the state. Verses from notable artists do not come cheap these days, so a Based God verse is a valuable commodity in the rap game.

Lil B recently released his long-awaited Black Ken project, which he’s described as his “first official mixtape.” He was recently in the news for threatening to curse Lonzo Ball in his rookie year for the Lakers after Ball questioned Nas’ relevance. “Don’t nobody listen to Nas anymore,” Lonzo said. “Real hip-hop is MigosFuture.”

After advising Lonzo that “Nas is hip hop and always relevant,” Lil B has now walked back his threat, writing, “we all have opinions lonzo ball was not wrong what he said.. just please respect hip hop.”