Travis Scott Teaches Concert Crowd To Give The Middle Finger

La Flame provided a teaching moment at the recent show.

BYBen Mock
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Travis Scott paused his concert briefly to teach the crowd how to give the middle finger. "Like this y'all," Scott said, showing the concertgoers how to flip the bird. However, it wasn't coming to easy to some people. "Naw, some of y'all are using your index finger. You're just pointing at me. Like this," he said, making it very clear what finger he was talking about. The clip appears to come from Scott's most recent show on the tour, a November 1 show in Oakland.

Scott is deep into his Circus Maximus tour and is set to continue touring the US and Canada until December 29. His next show is tomorrow (November 5) in Los Angeles as he continues his West Coast schedule. He has already performed in Oakland, as mentioned. Furthermore, he has shows in Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland before he heads a little more inland to play Salt Lake City.

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Old SNL Promo Has Fans Speculating On Scott's Drug Use

Meanwhile, a recently resurfaced promo for Travis Scott's 2018 appearance on SNL has fans debating whether the rapper has a drug addiction. In the clip, which featured Awkafina as the episode host, Scott is in a completely different galaxy. He doesn't appear to be even vaguely aware of what is going on as Awkafina and former cast member Cecily Strong do a bit about Crazy Rich Asians. Bear in mind, this was five years ago. However, this hasn't stopped fans from expressing modern concern about the rapper's drug habits. "Yaaaa i never done no sh-t like this on just weed…hoping he doesn’t OD like other rappers cos clearly he don’t got anyone who cares enough to stop him from doing this on live television," one person wrote on social media.

However, Scott has long denied that he has a drug problem. “I don’t do a lot of drugs, sh-t so I don’t even know. I only think that real drugs are like crack, heroin, and f-cking, like, you know, meth. Sh-t that really gets you f-cked ed up, sh-t that really gets you tweakin’. If you ain’t doing that, you ain’t doing drugs. I think that’s weak people need all that weird sh-t just to, like, tap into their f-cking brain. Knowledge is power, drugs [are] just, like, a mental cool down. It just put me at ease. I don’t tap into drugs to say what’s on my mind. I can do that sh-t sober, I am a drug, sober," Scott said back in 2018.

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