Derontae Bebee Accepts Plea Deal In YSL RICO Case, Six Defendants Remain

The YSL RICO trial is scheduled to commence later this month.

BYCaroline Fisher

Recently, YSL affiliate Derontae Bebee entered a guilty plea on RICO charges. He took a deal that will see him serving out a 15-year sentence, five years behind bars and 10 on probation. He may now be called to testify in the upcoming YSL RICO trial, though prosecutors have indicated that they won't require him to.

Durante Partridge, Bebee's attorney, has pushed for a reduced sentence as an opportunity for the 23-year-old to turn his life around. Judge Ural Glanville reminded him of the importance of making the most of the opportunity, and taking accountability for his actions. The YSL RICO trial is scheduled to commence later this month, with only six defendants remaining.

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YSL RICO Trial Commences On November 27

Earlier this week, the jury selection process was completed after months of delays, meaning that the YSL RICO trial could finally proceed. Young Thug and his co-defendants' trial will begin on November 27. Finding suitable jurors has proven to be a tough and lengthy process. The seated jury consists of seven Black women, two white women, two Black men, and one white man. It's also remained controversial whether or not prosecutors should be allowed to use song lyrics in the trial. It's admissible in Georgia, however, and Fulton County DA Fani Willis is in full support of it.

“I think if you decide to admit your crimes over a beat, I’m going to use it," she told reporters. "I’m going to continue to do that; people can continue to be angry about it. I have some legal advice: Don’t confess to crimes on rap lyrics if you do not want them used. Or at least get out of my county." Prosecutors made several errors when they submitted a list of lyrics they intended to use as evidence last week. The list featured misattributed lyrics, incorrect release dates, and even a YNW Melly song. What do you think of Derontae Bebee accepting a plea deal? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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