Ashanti Throws Nelly A Surprise Birthday Party

Ashanti's going all out for Nelly's birthday this year.

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Nelly turned 49 yesterday, and Ashanti has been going all out for her man's birthday. Earlier this week, we saw the songstress surprise him with a custom convertible, which he says he's wanted since he was a kid. He shared a variety of photos of his new whip on Instagram, alongside a sweet message to Ashanti. "Sometimes all you can say is 'Thank You,'" he wrote. "Best gift I ever received besides my kids!!!! You showed out shawty!!! Love you @ashanti." 

In a new clip, she surprises him once again, this time with a group of their friends and family. In the clip, Ashanti's seen guiding Nelly into a room filled with people waiting to surprise him, covering his eyes. He, of course, was fittingly rocking a birthday crown and sash for the occasion.

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Ashanti Surprises Nelly

Once she uncovers his eyes, the room shouts "surprise!" Nelly looked shocked, smiling and giving his partner two thumbs up. Later in the evening, clips show Nelly and friends taking part in some karaoke, jamming out to early-2000s R&B hits. It appears as though the duo had a blast at the sweet surprise party, and Nelly was sure to thank fans and loved ones who celebrated with him. "Truly thankful for all the love and bday wishes from everyone that showed up for my Halloween/Bday celebrations," he wrote on Instagram alongside a series of heart emojis.

Ashanti also shared a fun clip from the night, hyping Nelly up as he performed for guests at his party. Fans are loving to watch the pair enjoy their rekindled romance, and showing their support in the comments section. What do you think of Ashanti going all out for Nelly's birthday this year? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Nelly & Ashanti.

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