Sukihana Joins Lil Kim Onstage: "This Is A Dream Come True"

"I am actually just getting started," Sukihana says.

BYCaroline Fisher
2023 One Music Festival

During her recent performance at ONE Music Fest in Atlanta, Lil Kim invited a very special guest to join her onstage. "F*ck it, I'ma bring my sister out here on some freaky sh*t," she declared, before Sukihana's name was illuminated on the screen behind her. Suki then rose to the stage as the music for her iconic track "Eating" began. The crowd, of course, went wild.

Suki shared a clip of the momentous occasion on Instagram, noting how much the gesture meant to her. "@lilkimthequeenbee brought me outtttt," she wrote excitedly. "This means so much to [bee emoji] my hard work is paying off. I am actually just getting started. So excited to show the world SUKIHANA. This is a dream come true for me."

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Sukihana's "Just Getting Started"

Fans love to see an established artist like Lil Kim showing love to rising stars like Suki, and are sounding off in her comments section. While the New York native had no problem supporting the "Grinch" performer, another acclaimed artist did. Khia recently unleashed on fans comparing her to current rappers like Suki and Sexyy Red, making it very clear that she feels as though they're nothing alike.

"I'm about tired of y'all comparing me to these h*es," she said. "It's respect me, it's snatch the motherf*ckin' cat back. It's don't trust no motherf*ckin' n***a get your own sh*t... It ain't eat no n***a's a** and suck no n***a's toes." Sukihana didn't take kindly to Khia's harsh words, clapping back in a subsequent Tweet. "I will knock Khia tf out," she said. "SUKIHANA is SUKIHANA a has been is a has been. I’m booked every weekend until next September of NEXT YEAR. I get it I’m ratchet but I live in my truth. Atlease I don’t sit in front of a library mad at trina everyday with 172 teeth in my mouth." What do you think of Lil Kim bringing Sukihana out at her show? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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