Brent Faiyaz Returns With New Album "Larger Than Life"

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In the ever-shifting landscape of the music game, where the boundaries of creativity are constantly pushed, Brent Faiyaz emerges as the undeniable icon that today's generation craves. He returns today with a brand new project called Larger Than Life, and it definitely comes highly anticipated. In fact, his last full project was 2022's Wasteland, which was a musical masterpiece. The album is definitely still in rotation for many R&B fans, and has 19 tracks of pure vibes. With standouts from the previous project such as "Jackie Brown" and "All Mine" and "Wasting Time," Brent created classics that can easily be rotated into any playlist. Wasteland debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. He left the people with something to digest before coming back with a brand new project Larger Than Life.

After surprise announcing the news of a new album today in a short and simple IG message, "14 songs. Midnight," audiences couldn't wait to get their hands on some new Brent Faiyaz music. The caption was accompanied by a brief Instagram video lasting just one minute. The video captures a scene that's got the streets buzzing. The footage showcases a young kid stationed outside a local corner store, selling CD mixtapes from a box. As people pass by, he calls the mixtape the hottest thing in town. Enter Brent Faiyaz, who rolls up in a sleek black truck, engaging the kid in conversation. "What it look like?" he inquires. With a grin, the kid replies, "It's moving." Faiyaz's response? A piece of advice: "Up the price."

Listen to "Larger Than Life"

The project spans 14 tracks long, and features two previously released singles "WY@" and "Moment Of Your Life" with Coco Jones. Some of the new features within the project include A$AP Rocky, Babyface Ray, Missy Elliott, and more. Additionally, the project has been released in partnership with ISO Supremacy, which stands for In Search of Supremacy. Faiyaz is the CEO of the creative agency and earlier this year, formed a partnership with UnitedMasters.

Overall, the album is a vibe and serves as the perfect late-night escape soundtrack. It's nostalgic and has all the ingredients for success. The project features Faiyaz's signature blend of raw lyricism and smooth melodies. He dives into themes of love and complicated romance. This was also seen with the singles "Moment Of Your Life," and "WY@" which showcases how he battles with his emotions. He's dropping gems like, "Even I know you ain't no good for me, but you feel so good to me. Every time I come back, I try to leave. So how you end up back with me?" Faiyaz is clearly diving deep into his R&B bag this time around. This, ladies and gents, is Brent Faiyaz, the artist whose journey is, without a doubt, larger than life. Let us know your thoughts on the new music!

Larger Than Life Tracklist:

  1. “Tim’s Intro”
  2. “Last One Left” feat. Missy Elliott and Lil Gray
  3. “Forever Yours”
  4. “Best Time”
  5. “Big Mad Skit” feat. FLEE and Princess Cro
  6. “Moment Of Your Life” feat. Coco Jones
  7. “Outside All Night” feat. A$AP Rocky and N3WYRKLA
  8. “Wherever I Go”
  9. “Upset” feat. Tommy Richman and FELIX!
  10. “On This Side” feat. A$AP Ant and CruddyMurda
  11. “Dawged Em Skit” feat. TTM Dawg
  12. “Belong to You” feat. Babyface Ray
  13. “WY@“
  14. “Pistachios”
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