IShowSpeed Quotes Drake And Flexes Broken Planet Drip

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2023 Streamy Awards - Show
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 27: (FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY) IShowSpeed accepts the Streamy Award for Variety Streamer onstage during the 2023 Streamy Awards at Fairmont Century Plaza on August 27, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

"My youngins richer than all you rappers, and they all stream."

IShowSpeed's latest Instagram post featured a little bit of drip and a little bit of Drake. Speed posted a series of pictures that showcased a collection of Broken Planet outfits. The capsule drop clothing line has become a favorite amongst rappers and streamers in recent months. Alongside the images, Speed included a quote from Drake. "My youngins richer than all you rappers, and they all stream," read the caption. The line comes from "First Person Shooter", the J. Cole collab from the recently released For All The Dogs.

However, Speed isn't the only streamer getting in on the "First Person Shooter". Many believe it to be a reference to Kai Cenat, the wildly popular streamer who has been breaking into the music biz in recent months. Furthermore, Cenat was hosting a livestream listening party for the album. That included receiving a surprise FaceTime call from Drake himself in the middle of the party. Furthermore, Cenat told Drizzy that he would be in Toronto for the two shows on the It's All a Blur tour happening in the city this weekend.

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Speed's Livestream Experiment Goes Horribly Wrong

However, it's not all been flexing and Drake quotes for Speed. Earlier this week, Speed sparked concern amongst his fans after a science experiment went horribly wrong. The controversial streamer chose to conduct the "elephant's toothpaste" experiment in his home. The common science experiment, which involves mixing several chemicals together to create a rapidly expanding, thick, foamy substance, is not typically done indoors. This is due to the amount of heat and fumes the mixture can give off. However, Speed did it anyway and fans grew increasingly concerned as thick smoke filled the streamer's bedroom.

While some outlets have reported that Speed was hospitalized due to the incident, this does not appear to be the case. Slipz, Speed's cameraman, later confirmed to the audience that Speed was receiving oxygen from firefighters who had arrived at his house. “He was in here too long bro, he’s like struggling to breathe,” said his cameraman. “We’ve got fucking firefighters and shit outside trying to help him. I don’t know what’s happening.” However later, Speed's own account wrote “Speed is currently with the firefighters, they’re giving him oxygen so he can breathe, he should be fine guys" in his chat.

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