Adin Ross Reveals Plan For Kim Jong-Un Interview

Ross reportedly wants to cover the leader's opinions on the lgbt community and prank him with a fake nutsack.

BYBen Mock

In a recent stream, Adin Ross reveals his plan for the alleged interview he will conduct with Kim Jong-Un. Showing his audience a notepad document on his computer, Ross went through the various questions he wanted to ask the North Korean leader. Ross' questions include "Thoughts on LBGT", "Can you give Stake money back", "Visit North Korea", "Trump vs Biden", "USA better than North Korea", and "E-Date". Furthermore, non-question ideas included "React to Andrew Tate", "Add Yeonmi Park to the call", and "Fake nutsack prank".

It's still unclear if Ross is actually interviewing Kim Jong-Un. He made the claim on September 19 that he would be interviewing the politician in the next "48 hours". Furthermore, the entire thing stems from a joke made by the CEO of Stake, Ed Craven. Stake, a major backer of Kick, lost $41 million worth of cryptocurrency earlier this week to hackers. It's the second major attack on the gambling industry in the last few days. the MGM Grand was taken down by a malware attack over the weekend. In all likelihood, Ross will declare it all a prank or debut an AI Kim Jong-Un to his audience. Given Ross' controversial past, prepare for things to get super offensive whatever it turns out to be.

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Adin Ross Defends "Free Tory" Comment

Speaking of Adin Ross controversy, he had defended comments he made last month on stream. In August, Ross said "Free Tory" during a stream, referring to Tory Lanez. Lanez is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020. However, recent reports show that Lanez actually declined a 4-year sentence as part of a plea deal.

"I'ma talk on the situation, real quick. This is all I'm gonna say: I'm not apologizing for shit. It's still free Tory. Free him. He's innocent. Alright? I don't care! I've been canceled for way worse. This is not even bad what I'm saying. I hate this shit bro," Ross told his audience. Furthermore, Ross repeated the common claim by Lanez's defenders that there is "no evidence" for his crimes. This is despite Lanez being found guilty in court.

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