Some times, you see something that simply cannot be explained. Today is one of those days. We already know that Blac Chyna has begun what promises to be a long and arduous quest into rap game credibility, and like many epic quests, there will no doubt be tragedy along the way. Unfortunately, said tragedy may very well fall upon the listeners. 

While aspiring up-and-coming rappers continue the endless grind, posting their music on Soundcloud and doing their best to make a name for themselves, Blac Chyna has already found herself in some of the finest studios. The socialite turned-rapper-aspirant has caused much discussion about her potential musical direction, with some outlets predicting a similar trajectory as Cardi B. And while “Bodak Yellow” has proven that rappers can come from all backgrounds, the jury is still out on Blac Chyna, seeing as she has yet to deliver any music.

However, she is working on something, and whatever it is, it appears to have piqued the interest of the notorious Joe Budden. In a video shared by Everyday Struggle co-host Akademiks, Jumpoff Joey can be seen turnt-up in the studio with Chyna, hyping her up while a brief snippet plays in the background. It’s honestly strange seeing Joe Budden standing beside Blac Chyna, in a recording studio no less. I mean, Joe is a respected lyricist and one of the strongest champions of bars currently in the public eye. He basically put Yachty on blast in one of Everyday Struggles most intense episodes, and yet here he stands. It’s an odd move for Joe, who has built up such a staunch reputation as an authority on hip-hop’s integrity. However, as a fan of Budden, I hope he’s at least managing to secure some level of bag during all of this. 

Perhaps Blac Chyna is simply that good, and we’re all about to eat a reluctant serving of crow. Or maybe Joe figures that the ship is about the collide directly into the iceberg, so why not go down with a bottle in hand?

Blac Chyna & Joe Budden

Is Blac Chyna Bringing Joe Budden Out Of Retirement?