Adrien Broner Goes Viral For Bizzare McDonald's Video

Fans are wondering whether the videos were legit or not.

BYBen Mock
Manny Pacquiao v Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner is making headlines for a bizarre series of videos that appeared on his Instagram story recently. Broner and a friend went to McDonald's, with Broner repeatedly telling the drive-through attendant "y'all better not spit in my shit." In the next video, Broner is seen walking into the McDonald's with his order and demanding to speak to "whoever cooked this shit". Broner refuses to clarify what the issue with his meal is. The manager on duty repeatedly asks Broner to either calm down or leave as the boxer threatens to fight the kitchen staff. The video ends with manager appearing to call the police on Broner.

However, the video has proven divisive online. While some of Broner's fans find it it incredibly funny, a vast majority of people aren't as amused. "This is sad…they need to do a ESPN 30:30 special on his career rise & decline," one person wrote on X. "This not funny at all homies laughing knowing this corny come on man," added another. "This ain’t it at all. I’ll never understand what ppl get from giving someone who is trying to earn an honest living, a hard time, for no apparent reason," argued a third. Whether this was genuine or an attempt at internet comedy, it's safe to say Broner likely failed to get the reaction he was hoping for.

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Fans Concerned About Broner

If anything, the videos sparked concern for the veteran boxer. Broner currently has no next fight scheduled. He last stepped into the ring in June against Bill Hutchinson. Broner won the 10-round bout via unanimous decision to take his career record to 35-4-1. However, Ryan Garcia (23-1) has expressed interest in fighting Broner.

Regardless of his next career move, the videos on his Instagram have worried a number of fans. While Broner is known as something of a jokester, the videos are simply bizarre and mean-spirited. There appears to be no rhyme or reason for them, and no "we're going to go prank a McDonald's" lead-in to establish that it's a skit. However, there has been no arrest report for Broner, nor any follow-up from the boxer. This leaves fans questioning just what was going through his head when he decided to go harass workers at a local McDonald's.

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