G-Eazy was called upon by Bud Light for their intimate concert series, Dive Bar Tour. The show went down last night in New Orleans, and for fans that were lucky enough to nab tickets, they got to see the Oakland native about as close and personal as you can get, especially with his fanbase growing and his tour venues growing equally large. 

The audience at Blue Nile got even more intimate with young Gerald than they might have expected, since the rapper used the opportunity to debut two new records and have a mini makeout session. Let the rumors commence: are Halsey and G-Eazy a couple? That would be a match made in tween-pop-couple heaven. The two debuted a new song, “Him & I,” which itself is romantic in nature, however they reportedly ended the live performance with a kiss on the lips, while G-Eazy called out, “Give it up for Halsey. That’s my boo!”

Prior to the show, Eazy spoke about “Him & I” with Fuse, saying, “‘Him & I’ is a Bonnie and Clyde song. It’s a pretty intense, crazy in love song. She killed the record. She sounds phenomenal on it. I’m excited to share that experience onstage with her live one on one because she’s a great performer.”

That wasn’t the only surprise though, as Cardi B also came out to join G-Eazy for a performance of her big hit, “Bodak Yellow,” and tease their own collaboration, “No Limit,” (appropriately titled for a debut in NOLA), which is due out September 1st.

It’s been confirmed that “Him & I” will appear on G-Eazy’s upcoming album, The Beautiful and The Damned. It’s likely “No Limit” will as well. There are some short twitter videos of the performances of both of these collaborations below, although the song-closing kiss with Halsey was not captured, we’ll have to assume it’ll surface in one way or another, soon. Which collaboration are you most excited to hear? Although we’re waiting for updates on The Beautiful and The Damned‘s expected release, there’s no shortage of music from Gerald to tide you over.

G-Eazy spoke on the personal significance of New Orleans with us previously, check that out below alongside the twitter clips.

Click through photos from last night’s Dive Bar show in the gallery above.



G-Eazy & Cardi B, Halsey Collaborations Are Coming