Yung Bleu Shuts Down Boosie Badazz's Claims He's Never Made A Song About His Wife: "It's Platinum"

Bleu has even previously performed the track with his wife and their child on stage.

BYHayley Hynes

Yung Bleu can't catch a break lately. After being caught up in a cheating scandal that left his wife looking for a divorce lawyer, the R&B artist is now beefing with Boosie Badazz. The pair have been airing out grievances regarding their past working relationship for the world to see. Bleu has notably claimed that the Louisana native failed to properly market his music. The latter is under the impression that he's owed a massive payday from his former artist. However, it seems the Alabama-born vocalist is refusing to pay up.

Between trading those shots, the pair also began discussing Bleu's marriage. "WHY YOU AIN'T NEVER CLAIM 'YO WIFE'?" the 40-year-old asked. "WHY YOU AIN'T NEVER DO AN INTERVIEW ABOUUT 'YO WIFE,' WHY NOBODY DON'T KNOW 'BOUT 'YO WIFE'? 'CAUSE YOU WAS [ASHAMED] OF 'YO WIFE,'" Boosie further berated the embattled star. "SHE WANT A DIVORCE LAWYER NOW THAT'S 'YO WIFE.' THAT'S NI**AS FA YA LOL."

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Yung Bleu Catches Boosie Badazz in a Lie

It seems Bleu had the time today (September 4), as he quickly hit Boosie with some truth. "I got platinum songs where I [reference] my wife Boosie," the 29-year-old responded. "It's called 'Ice On My Baby,' go check it out. If [you] was tuned in you would [know] that I dropped that when I was signed to [you]," he pointed out to his former boss. "[You] wouldn't [know] 'cuz [you didn't] help market 😂." The "You're Mines Still" hitmaker pointed out that this was Badazz's "third lie today," as well as that his "Unappreciated" track is also platinum and about his wife. In the post above, a video of Bleu bringing his family out on stage to perform the track further proves his point.

Yung Bleu isn't often one to find himself in the middle of internet drama, though these past few weeks have been particularly bad for the TANTRA artist. Besides the ongoing beef with Boosie, he was also exposed for flying a woman out to spend the day with him, though he explained that she didn't get anything from him due to her alleged poor hygiene. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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