Boosie Badazz Praises Impact Of Anger Management, Speaks On New Project With Freeway Rick Ross

Boosie claims he's a changed man.

BYBen Mock
Boosie Badazz In Concert - Houston, TX

Boosie has made it no secret that he is currently attending anger management. He started the program in early August and has been very open about the benefits of the program. “Man, I just left anger management. That shit was deep, bro. Finding out what makes me angry and shit. My expectations I expect so much out people, bro,” he said. “Who never showed me loyalty who never showed me none of that. So I gotta take accountability for that, bro. My expectations for people, bro. Getting me angry bro, like I’m finna cut a lot of people off, bro. My expectations they too high for people. I gotta learn to separate that shit. That shit was deep, bro,” Boosie said after his first session.

He reiterated this positive impact in a recent interview with TMZ. "I love anger management. I'm realizing that I used to be so angry. My expectations were so high for people. I'm getting angry for wanting people to be exactly like me. Now I have lesser expectations for people. If you show me you're not shit when you hurt me, and I can see that you're not shit, then I won't be hurt." However, continued anger management is not the only thing new with Boosie. He's also working to make a positive impact on the young generations with help from Freeway Rick Ross.

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Boosie And Freeway Rick Ross Looking To Launch Educational Project

At the same time that Boosie announced his anger management, he also spoke on working as a mentor for kids in juvie. “I WENT TALKED TO SOME JUVENILES FACING REAL TIME N ONE OF THEM JUST REACHED OUT N SAID MY WORDS CHANGED THEM. I REALLY NEED TO TALK TO THESE KIDS ABOUT MOVING RIGHT N DOING RIGHT!!.” He continued, “I DONT WANT NOBODYS CHILD GOING THROUGH WHAT IVE BEEN THROUGH N SEEING WHAT IVE SEEN !! I THINK I CAN SAVE SOME LIVES FROM TELLING MY STORY N ALL IVE LOST #iwannahelp,” Boosie wrote in early August. He spoke on continuing that work with TMZ, saying that he wanted to "save some lives".

However, he and Freeway Rick Ross, Boosie's longtime mentor, are working on another project. Dissatisfied with the lack of children's books aimed at kids living in poverty or in situations that Boosie and FRR grew up in, the pair are looking to author some books for the younger generation. Their aim is to have child-friendly literature that can help kids avoid the streets and encountering the same problems that Boosie and FRR had growing up. It's a noble endeavor and one that could end up doing a lot of good for a lot of people.

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