Boosie Badazz's Tuna Sandwich Party Has Fans Divided

Boosie was serving up a buffet.

BYBen Mock
Boosie Badazz In Concert - Houston, TX

Footage has appeared online of Boosie Badazz entertaining a group of women at his home with a buffet-style meal of tuna sandwiches. In the video, the group of women can be seen vibing while constructing sandwiches from bags of sliced bread and catering trays of tuna. Furthermore, everyone appears to be having a good time in the video.

Tuna is a seafood super food. It's high omega-3 levels mean that it is great for combatting heart disease and promoting good vision. Meanwhile, being high in protein but low in calories makes it a great base for healthy and effective weight loss. Furthermore, the presence of vitamin c, zinc, and magnesium mean that tuna is great for helping boost your immune system.

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Fans Split On Boosie Tuna Buffet

However, health benefits aside, fans are split on how they feel about the video. "Shawty ina red eating like she ain’t eat in a few days 😂😂," wrote one person. "Ain’t no way I’m about to be at Boosie’s house eating TUNA!!! TUNA?!??," another said indignantly. "When that liquor hit they stomach with that tuna its finna be bubbling 🤢," noted a third, clearly thinking of the consequences ahead. "Not a hotel pan full of tuna and some wonder bread…. The standards are LOW," said a shocked fan.

Despite this clowning, not everyone was a hater. "Oh so now y’all too bougie for tuna? 😂 I’ll fix me some so quick!," argued one fan. "I actually love tuna! Just bc he has money doesn’t mean he has to spend on unnecessary meals. Hell looks like they ate good!!," agreed another. "A tuna sandwich do sound good right now with some Lays chips, and nothing is wrong with no tuna sandwich🤣
Growing up my mom used to make a tuna sandwich and we use to eat watermelon during the summertime 😂😂😂😂," reminisced a third. What do you think of Boosie's spread? Let us know in the comments. Be sure to make HotNewHipHop your #1 place for all things music, gossip, and internet content.

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