Woman Accused Of Killing Beyonce's Cousin Begins Trial

Martell DeRouen died of a single gunshot wound in 2021.

BYCaroline Fisher
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Beyonce's cousin Kardone, born Martell DeRouen, was fatally shot in January of 2021. The aspiring rapper was only 34 years old when he died of a single gunshot wound. The woman accused of his murder, Sasha Skare, has now begun her trial. She allegedly shot him at his apartment following a verbal altercation that took a turn for the worst.

Yesterday (August 29), jurors were shown security footage of Skare making her way through a hallway with a gun, headed toward DeRouen's apartment. Audio from a 911 call made on the night of the murder was also played in the courtroom. During the call, a woman tells dispatchers that she's locked out of her apartment and injured, claiming to be DeRouen's wife, Joia. Joia, however, claims that the voice on the recording isn't hers. She instead alleges that Skare was the one to make the call, claiming that she gave dispatchers false information.

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Sasha Skare Appears To Have A Gun In Security Footage

“She pronounced the last name wrong,” she explained. “My name starts with a J and not a G. He was not 28, he was 34. Not correct at all.” Various witnesses who lived nearby also told police that they heard DeRouen and Skare arguing on the night of the murder. They say they heard DeRouen telling Skare to leave, followed by the sound of a door slamming. Banging on the apartment door was later heard, and eventually, a gunshot.

Pedro Padilla, who lived in the apartment building, told the jury that his Ring doorbell camera captured Skare walking through the hallway that evening. He also claims that he heard the gunshot shortly before he left for dinner. "I thought it was just a firework,” he explained. Another witness, who lived across the hall from DeRouen, claims she heard banging just before 9 p.m. She believed it was a food delivery she had placed, and opened the door to find a woman pounding on the victim's door. She apologized and closed the door. “I figured it was a situation that wasn’t my business,” she said. Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Sasha Skare's trial.

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