Fans Are Loving Nicki Minaj's "Call Of Duty" Operator

Playtime's just beginning.

BYBen Mock
World Premiere Of "Barbie" - Red Carpet

August 24 marked the release of the Nicki Minaj bundle in Call of Duty. For $20/2400 CoD Points, you could play as the Trini rapper in all her badass pink glory. The bundle comes with the Nicki skin, themed weapon blueprints ("The Baddest" and "Super Freaky"), a pin-up loading screen, and a skin for the Hummer. Nicki also has access to several unique finishers, including "Get Bodied". In the brutal move, Nicki jumps onto the back of a downed opponent and grinds her stilettos in their skull. The bundle is currently available for Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0. Furthermore, it will carry over into Modern Warfare III when it drops in November.

The release was announced with a new gameplay trailer that perfectly blended a look at the operator in action with several well-chosen Nicki references. As with the original reveal of the skin, people are actually pretty hyped to play as Nicki. “I don’t know how to play but ima learn!,” announced JT of The City Girls. FaZe Dirty posted a gif of a man offering his credit card to the camera. However, not everyone was a fan. Some saw the skin, and the overall hip hop theming, as Call of Duty attempting to capitalize on the Fortnite model of integrating media IP into the game. But how are people feeling now that it's playable?

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Fans Revel In Playable Nicki Minaj

In short, fans are loving the bundle. Numerous videos have surfaced online of players running riot with the skin. One video from Nicki fan account "Island Boy" shows a player absolutely dominating with the skin. The player racks up kills while also showcasing the wide variety of Nicki voice lines. Meanwhile, another clip shows a streamer becoming distraught when they realize that they have just killed another player wearing the Nicki skin. As they look down at the dead Nicki, they themselves are killed. This leads them to proclaim "Oh my god, my pussy is on Nicki's face." Side note, it appears that Nicki goes down in a cloud of pink smoke if you manage to kill her.

No word on whether Nicki herself has tried the skin yet. However, it's safe to say that fans are hyped and happy. Meanwhile, Nicki's making headlines elsewhere. "Barbie World", Minaj's track with Ice Spice for Barbie, has hit #1 on Billboard's Rhythmic Airplay Chart, which tracks radio plays on "rhythmic radio stations". Not only was this achieved by a 31% increase in airplay, but it also broke a record. The song's rise from #7 to #1 was the biggest jump recorded since the chart was first published in 1992.

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