Akbar V "Prays" Trump Avoids Jail Time: "We Need You"

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Former US President Donald Trump points at the crowd as he attends Round 3 of the LIV Golf-Bedminster 2023 at the Trump National in Bedminster, New Jersey on August 13, 2023.(Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images)
The rapper says, Democrats "got in that chair and gave money to other muthaf*ckin countries."

Akbar V is known to share some controversial opinions from time to time. So, her latest statement about wanting Donald Trump back in office shouldn't surprise anyone. In a clip posted to DJ Akademics page, the Love and Hip Hop star gave her thoughts on supporting the former president. While walking through what appears to be an airport, Akbar V highlighted how the economy flourished under his presidency. "Look, I don't give a f*ck who look at me different," she began. "I'm voting for Trump..Y'all can kiss my ass."

She continued:"[The] only thing these muthaf*cking democrats got in here, in that chair, and did was gave money to other muthaf*cking countries. They ain't gave us nothing, and you wondering why the killing rate [is] still high." Akbar added," Man Trump was in chair, man [there] [was] no killing...everybody was getting money. Everybody was happy."

Joe Biden Should Consider Retirement, She Says

Towards the end of the clip, Akbar admitted that while she "loves" Joe Biden, he may be getting too old to handle his presidential duties. The rapper noted that Biden has fallen asleep during TV appearances and appeared to have difficulty walking. She believes it would be best if he "goes over there to his Lake House or something." Following that, Akbar turned her attention back to Trump, saying, "We need you." Judging by the amount of commentary about Biden and Trump, the 2024 election is sure to be an entertaining one.

However, not everyone holds 45 in the same regard. Earlier this month, Plies shared his thoughts about why Trump gets so much support. According to him, this is due to the lack of accountability in society today. “I’ve Figured Out Why People Who Claim To Like Trump Like Him!” Plies wrote in a past Instagram post, “They Like Him Because He Represents NON ACCOUNTABILITY.” He continues, “He Lives In A World That He Wants To Do & Say Whatever He Likes W/o Any Consequences. Everything Bad In His Life Is Someone Else’s Fault! Most People Feel Dis Way.”


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