Jermaine Dupri Calls Out Lack Of Hip-Hop 50 Events In Atlanta

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Jermaine Dupri calls the lack of acknowledgment "crazy."

Jermaine Dupri recently took to social media, expressing his disappointment in the large brands of Atlanta. He posted a Tweet earlier today (August 18), in which he calls brands out for failing to host any events in celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip hop. It's clear that the Atlanta-based musician isn't pleased with the lack of festivities, sounding off on the platform.

"Just for the record!" Dupri began his Tweet. "No brands have done any dinners or get togethers in Atlanta celebrating the 50 anniversary of HipHop. That’s Crazy!!!" he wrote. Various commenters weighed in on 2cool2bl0g's repost of the Tweet, with some even suggesting that Dupri put something together himself. "He has the clout to do it," one user notes. With that being said, Dupri did pay tribute to the anniversary earlier in the summer, in his own way. “I did a hi-top fade paying respect to Hip Hop 50," he revealed in July. "Because like, I see everybody talking about, ‘We celebrating Hip Hop 50.’"

Jermaine Dupri Calls The Lack Of Ccknowledgment "Crazy"

Jermaine Dupri isn't the only person to have noted a lack of acknowledgement amid the milestone. Recently, Ebro called out artists for failing to even mention the anniversary, claiming that it's the least they can do considering the industry allows them to make a living. “Making all this $$$ because of HipHop and artists can’t even post a ‘Thank You,'” he wrote.

Joe Budden also appears to share a similar perspective, taking to his podcast recently to call out labels. He claimed that major record labels should be going the extra mile to celebrate the occasion, even going so far as to suggest they put together a festival. “Y’all don’t think it’s a little odd,” he begins, “that without Nas and Jesse Collins, without Mass Appeal and Jesse Collins, we don’t get a tribute?” He continued, telling labels “Y’all are the ones that was supposed to do that.""

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