Ali Never Wants To Work With Nelly Again: "He’s Far Behind On The Payments"

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Nelly's Birthday Weekend With Kelly Rowland At Drai's Beach Club - Nightclub
LAS VEGAS, NV - NOVEMBER 06: Rappers Ali (L) and Nelly of St. Lunatics perform at Drai's Beach Club - Nightclub at The Cromwell Las Vegas on November 6, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)
Ali says Nelly has "no real raw good intentions for others."

During a recent interview, St. Lunatics' Ali revealed that he doesn't plan on performing alongside his former groupmate anytime in the near future. Allegedly, Nelly owes the St. Louis-born performer some money, and he's done letting it slide. Ali also says that he doesn't think Nelly has ever looked out for the wellbeing of his fellow St. Lunatics artists. He refuses to work with him again because according to him, "A tiger ain’t never gon’ change his stripes."

When asked for an estimate of how much Nelly owes him, he says “it could be $90,000 or $70,000.” He goes on, “When that conversation happens I’ll get a check." Ali tells VladTV, It’ll be $13,000. Now you’ll be f*cked up now because what is this $13,000 for? You owe me $91,000."

Ali Says Nelly "Has No Real Raw Good Intentions For Others"

“What did you pay me for? At the end of it, it’s gonna be $66,000 because he’s far behind on the payments," he continued. Ali then went on to describe how he thinks Nelly won't ever change his ways, claiming that the artist has always only had his own best interest in mind. “A tiger ain’t never gon’ change his stripes,” he adds. “I watched it for 20 years and I’m the butt of the joke because it took me 20 years to realize it. I could put a never, ever behind it will I ever hit the stage or do anything with him.”

Ali goes on to say that Nelly “has no real raw good intentions for others. Not for us and we’ve all sat together and searched hard to try to find a time that didn’t benefit him. He got $50million, I’m happy for him. That’s what he wants. He wants a billion.” This isn't the first time the St. Lunatics performer came forward to make claims about Nelly. Ali has said in the past that his own work made Nelly's possible, even claiming that he "was writing [Nelly] a career."

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