Master P "Checks In" On Snoop Cereal, Encounters Cops

The No Limit founder and the West Coast rapper launched their cereal brand last August.

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Master P's marketing tactics have made him a successful entrepreneur, but there can be drawbacks. Like his recent encounter with the police while visiting Walmart. On Sunday (August 13), the No Limit founder took to Instagram to share his recent experience. In the clip, the rapper explains to the police that he was there to "check in" on his latest business venture — Snoop Cereal. In July 2022, the pair teamed up to create a cereal brand inspired by the West Coast rapper.

"12 pulled up @walmart ask’n what’s going on! #legittrapping @snoopcereal @snoopdogg they can have the streets we’re taking over the grocery stores.#godisgood," he wrote in the post's caption. It's still unclear what exactly warranted the call, but the police seemed more than willing to listen to Master P's schpeel. He noted that he was trying to teach his "Black brothers out there how to get their hustle on, how to do it right … Snoop Dogg’s my partner. We changing the game.”

Master P And Snoop Dogg Launched The Cereal Brand In 2022

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Snoop Cereal has seen some major growth since launching last July. Nearly six months later, the brand would secure a national distribution deal. Prior to its recent success, the fledging company struggled to get off the ground. Initially, the brand was coined "Snoop Loopz," but the business partners would later be forced to change the product's name. Neither musician has revealed which brand caused the duo to change the brand's name.

“So they don’t want us to use Snoop Loopz on our cereal box even though that’s that’s my name,” Snoop wrote in an Instagram post around the time. “We’ve built a national brand and disrupted the cereal industry, we did it with hard work and integrity. I know they’re uncomfortable and scared.” Snoop Dogg and Master P emphasized that Snoop Loopz was launched to bring diversity to the cereal industry while providing economic opportunity and, of course, a fun and nutritious breakfast option to their communities. “Our mission is to build diversity and economic empowerment,” the caption continued.

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