Kash Doll & Cardi B Bond Over Hair Care, Hater Accuses "BMF" Actress Of "D**k Riding"

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Cardi has been documenting her hair growth journey online for most of her career.

There are two things Cardi B doesn't play about – her family, and her hair. Since she first came up in the rap industry, the mother of two has been generously sharing the secrets to her rapid growth. Earlier this week she offered to make a video documenting how she makes her own hair oil, and it caused a huge stir on social media. While some accused Cardi of misleading them with her post, others, such as BMF actress Kash Doll, are eager to learn from the Grammy Award winner.

"Everyone wants to blame my hair growing on genetics but where was the genetics when I was in school??" Bardi clapped back at people throwing shade at the length she's achieved. "The facts are you need hair products and good care that works for you to maintain it and keep it healthy... Sometimes it’s not even just about growth, it’s about keeping it HEALTHY and the growth comes," the New Yorker further pointed out.

Cardi B Reveals the Secret to Her Inches

Upon seeing the critics attacking her friend, Kash Doll quote tweeted Cardi, writing, "Give me the f**kin products lol f**k them." As kind as ever, the Invasion of Privacy hitmaker invited the Detroit native to come over to enjoy a spa day and learn a thing or two from her.

"I will wash your hair down myself [with] boiled onion water and make you a thick ass hair mask and have my auntie do your blowout," the New Yorker insisted, promising "liquor and food" on deck too. While Cardi and Kash work on their glam, the women's young children will likely be able to spend time together too.

Kash Doll Wants In, No Matter What Haters Have to Say

In a now-hidden tweet, an obviously irritated user lashed out at Kash Doll for interacting with Cardi B. "[You] stay d**k riding with [your] none no-hit-records a**," they wrote. "D**n sis, I just want my hair to grow back long that fast... My bad," the mother of one responded. Regardless of what anyone else has to say, Kash has already secured an invitation to her fellow rap diva's house, so we're sure to see her inches getting some serious growth soon. Check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.


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