6LACK finished up a tour before the new year that presented him in front of his most loving fans singing his heart out to tracks from his East Atlanta Love Letter tape. Of all the videos we've seen from some of his tour stops, including the one where he welcomed a couple on stage for a wedding proposal, it looks like 6LACK's most recent performance takes the cake. 

The "Unfair" singer, born Ricardo Valdez Valentine, paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform his Grammy-nominated track, "Pretty Little Fears." He was joined on stage by one backup dancer and a set that mimicked a bus stop with a makeshift bus. J Cole's verse of the song is a great one and since Cole wasn't on hand to spit his lines, 6LACK's takeover of the verse was just as sweet and deep. 

"We were taught to be strong, not knowing the only way to be that was to feel like it was safe to open up, now woman suffer from this gap we created every day," he sings. 

Watch the full performance below and peep 6LACK's latest track "Been A While."