Kodak Black recently found himself fielding questions about 6ix9ine, which led to somewhat of a dismissal. Though Kodak didn't seem overly aggressive in his callout, he did take issue with the idea that 6ix9ine was "hotter," and spoke accordingly. 6ix9ine quickly caught wind of the naysaying, and responded as only he can. "SUCK MY DICK," he wrote, in a since-deleted IG post; he made sure to tag Kodak for good measure, no doubt hoping to lure the young rapper into a feud. The rainbow wonder also jumped on Instagram to vent his frustrations, affirming his gleeful inclinations for conflict. 

"Stop telling me who I can't beef with," says 6ix9ine, known in some circles as "Rainbow Six." "I done beefed with everybody. I told everybody to suck my fuckin' dick. I done told L.A, the clout chasers in L.A, cause I love L.A. I done told the clout chasers in Houston to suck my dick. I done told n***s in Minnesota that clout chase to suck my dick." It seems as if he ultimately wants to be left alone, requesting that people stop putting his name in other rapper's mouths. Peep the rant here, should you be interested in a Tekashi scorned. 

It would appear that 6ix9ine has yet to understand a simple fact: aggressively stirring the pot on social media has only provided his detractors with ammunition and precedent to put him behind bars.  It's disappointing to say the least, as 6ix9ine has undeniably won many-a-heart, given his penchant for going ____ for ____ on Billboard. It would be a shame to see him locked up over his aggressive behavior, especially as he's been granted leniency in the past. We can only hope that 6ix9ine opts to let this one slide, and perhaps realize that impulsivity is not always the wisest course.